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Welcome Home

 Welcome Home!

We are so excited that you have found a home here at Oak Grove Baptist Church. At Oak Grove we are striving in every area of our ministry to be the greatest example of the Love of God, live lives of Faith in God, and walk in the Hope that God gives to every believer. As a new member of our family we understand how challenging it can be to navigate and learn new spaces. 

As a guest and member of this family we encourage you to explore this information and use it as a resource as you continue to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ and this faith community. Our worship ministries focus on glorifying God in our everyday lives. Our walking ministries help believers become more like Christ. Our witnessing ministries focus on reaching the lost. Our Working ministries focuses on serving God by serving others. And our Welcoming ministries focus on building deeper relationships and enriching the lives of those who join our community.

Also, feel free to reach out to our leaders and officers, to learn more about their roles, responsibilities and mentoring opportunities. The Oak Grove Baptist Church is a Body of Worshiping, Walking, Witnessing, Working and Welcoming Believers committed to transform the World into the Body of Christ.

Again, Welcome Home! And we look forward to growing in God with you!

Loving & Lifting, God and People,

Dr. Willie J. Thompson Jr., Senior Pastor/Teacher


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Welcome to our church family, We're glad that you could come We're honoured to share this day with you As we worship God's risen Son We hope that God touches your life As we worship side by side And that you leave this place today With the peace of God inside..

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Every Sunday

Join us Each Sunday at 8am for our Intercessory Prayer Time, at 8:45am for Sunday School Hour and at 10:00 a.m. for Our Morning Worship Celebration. All our worship opportunities are normally held in our Worship Center on our Main Campus. 

Discipleship Opportunities

Each week we hold several Christian Education opportunities. We also have our Sheep School each Monday at 7:00pm, Noonday Bible Study each Wednesday at 12:00pm and Evening Believers Academy at 7:00 pm. All our discipleship opportunities are normally held in our Education Center on our Main Campus. 

Service Opportunities


We have over 20 unique and exciting ministries for you to explore and consider joining.  

One of our newest ministries is our Food Bank and Soup Kitchen (mealsatogbc@gmail.com). The Food Bank is open M-W-F from 10:am-12:30pm and Soup Kitchen open 1st & 3rd Saturdays from 12:00pm-3:00pm. Both events are available in the Fellowship Hall on our Main Campus.  

Our Missionary Ministry manages our Clothing store, serves in a local homeless shelter (4th Saturday), rehabilitation center  (2nd Saturday) , and feed the homeless (3rd Sunday) each month and will gladly welcome participants and may be contacted at (803) 788.2599.


Your support and contributions will enable us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Meet The Needs of Our Community.

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The Return Of Joy!


Zephaniah told Jerusalem that in the future they would be no reason to allow fear to intimidate them and hinder their service to Him.

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