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Our Preaching

We preach because God is a God who speaks—therefore, we have something to say.

Our Prayers

When we pray, we can pray to experience this love, to be bathed in it, to learn how to give it back, to learn how to let it seep into the dry cracks and crevices of our lives. In fact, the longer I love, the more I think that the chief reason for the gift of prayer is that we learn to receive, experience, and return His love in genuine relationship.

Our Testimonies

The Power of Testimony.  It is setting an good example. To give a testimony is to lay aside your pride and fear and instead have courage to speak up for the behalf of the Lord and actually Witness for Him. We are all called to be witnesses. God is a King. He has a government. He is the supreme Judge. He wants us to be witnesses and to testify for Him.